What to Consider Before Upgrading Your HVAC – Our Guide


What to Consider Before Upgrading Your HVAC – Our Guide

Having to replace your HVAC system isn’t very common. However, when you are in the market for one, there are many things that you should consider when searching for a good system. This is especially true if you are replacing an older, outdated machine, as you will need to make smart choices seeing as this will be the system you will be with for a while. If you sell your home, a good HVAC system can be a valuable selling point when you finally put your home on the market.

Here are six things to consider before upgrading your HVAC system:

Choose something efficient

It is always important that you look for an efficient system. However, the most efficient one on the market may not be one that you can afford. The trick is to look for a system that offers good value for the money you are willing to pay. Choosing a system with a higher efficiency means that you will save more money each month. You may pay a larger amount upfront, but you have to think of it as an investment that will pay itself back in utility bills and by increasing the value of your home. Cooling and heating efficiency is measured by SEER and AFUE. Make sure you do your research or ask a professional to help you when selecting an efficient HVAC system.

Choose something eco-friendly

If you are looking to save a little bit of money but also looking to lower your carbon footprint, it’s important to get a more modern, updated unit. This is because older units use a refrigerant that depletes the ozone and affects the environment. Newer units are designed to be less damaging to the environment.

Choose something that provides you with good IAQ

You want to make sure that the unit you use will address the comfort of your indoor home air. In order to have a comfortable living space, you have to find an HVAC unit that takes into account your indoor air quality as well. A unit that reduces indoor odors includes a whole-home filter. One that has other features that play a role in keeping your indoor air quality good will be an excellent choice.

Choose something that runs on your preferred type of fuel

Your preferences of whether you want to use electric, oil, or gas fuel will influence the type of unit you might be looking to purchase. If you don’t already have natural gas in your home, you might want to consider looking for a heat pump for your home.

Choose something that will minimize utility costs

Depending on where you live, gas or electricity will be priced differently. You should try to look into the utility costs in your area. You will want to consider a gas furnace if gas is cheaper and a heat pump if the cost of electricity is cheaper.

Choose something to keep you comfortable

It’s important to consider the features and buttons available on the unit you are buying. If you like having many speeds, many modes, or other options on your HVAC system, you should find a system that can do all the things you want it to. If you are looking for something specific like a quiet mode, ask a professional for help finding what you need.

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