Ductless Air Conditioning in Skokie, IL

Your air conditioner keeps you cold during a hot summer’s day. However, having a traditional duct-based air conditioning system often leads to clogs, trapped air, costly energy bills, and frequent breakdowns. Consider switching to ductless AC. If you need professional ductless HVAC services in Skokie, IL, Elite HVACs is here to do the job.

Switching from Duct AC to Ductless

Elite HVACs is here to install ductless split ac systems for homes in Skokie. Typically, indoor and outdoor units rely on a centralized indoor air handler, outdoor compressor, and ductwork to disperse air throughout the home. Changing the internal temperature thus requires resetting the system for the entire house, forcing your AC to use more energy and costing higher energy bills. Ductless mini-split systems allow separate indoor air handlers for individual climate control.

Benefits of Ductless Split AC

Having a ductless split unit has many benefits over a traditional air conditioning system, such as

  • More Energy Efficient: Ductless mini split air conditioners use less energy to cool each room in the house, meaning your cooling system saves more energy for long-term durability.
  • Significant Cost Savings: Having less power in the air conditioner also saves you more money on energy costs with fewer maintenance and repair trips.
  • Peace of Mind: Now there’s no more fighting for climate control in the home. Someone can set their room temperature without affecting the rest of the house. Having reliable ductless AC means no more stress or hassle about your cooling system.

Elite HVACs ensures quality ductless air conditioning service in Skokie. When you’re ready to switch from a traditional duct-based HVAC system, Elite HVACs is here to help.

A mini split air conditioner and heat pump mounted on a brick wall.

Why Choose Elite HVACs?

Elite HVACs is the premier HVAC company in Skokie, focused on exceptional customer service and stellar results. With us, you can expect

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Upfront, fair pricing
  • Fully qualified NATE-certified technicians using the best tools, skills, and safety equipment
  • Financing options and budget-friendly service providers
  • Top-of-the-line products and indoor units

Whether you need repairs, installation, or replacement service, our technicians are ready for the challenge. We accept all jobs, no matter how big or small. We always provide a comfortable, professional experience that you’ll love.

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