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A heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, or HVAC system, is an intricate and vital part of any building. Whether it is a home, an apartment complex, a business—no matter the type of structure— an HVAC system works to provide you with what you need all year round.

Of course, when something goes wrong, and you no longer have a working system, it is an uncomfortable reminder of just how important your HVAC system is. So, to get the most out of your HVAC system and avoid these unwanted inconveniences, regular maintenance is the key.

Why Do You Need an HVAC System?

Regardless of whether you are talking about an office or a shopping center, every building requires heat, ventilation, and cooling. Consider the winter months when in some areas the temperature can reach below zero and even hit the negative double digits. Not having a proper and thorough heating system can not only make being in the building uncomfortable but dangerous as well.

Avoid Freeze Damage

Pipes can freeze and ruin your plumbing, mold and rust can be amplified, floors can become warped, drywall can be damaged, and adhesives can become ineffective when there is no heat. Heating is also crucial for your health and the health of others in your building as well as the quality of the inventory you may be keeping.

Keep Customers Comfortable

During the warmer months in the summer, air conditioning is also a must-have. Not only to help regulate your body temperature but to help keep your building and everyone in it comfortable and without issues. If you are looking to regulate your body temperature, you can choose your clothing for the weather and use fans, but you can’t expect your customers to do the same.

Reduce Humidity

Not to mention air conditioners do far more than just cool you down. Air conditioning systems are also great dehumidifiers which are a must-have in humid areas to help limit the amount of moisture in the building.

When too much moisture builds up in a confined area such as a small office, it can significantly increase your chances of mold and mildew growth. Humidity can also damage your building and what is in it by destroying belongings, increasing the likelihood of pest infestations, and can make you sick.

Moisture in the air can draw in toxins, and those toxins are then breathed in by all those inside. Allergies can become more intense, and your immune system can also be impacted by higher humidity. Having an air conditioner gives you an all-in-one way to combat this as well as make the building much more comfortable. Especially in stores, a good air conditioning system can be a major draw for people to come into your location and spend more time in that building.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Ventilation in a building is also important because it keeps air flowing and prevents moisture from building up in any one area. This air flow is a necessity to keep your structure and the air quality inside safe.

Moisture build-up can create the conditions needed for mold to grow and thrive. Mold can quickly spread throughout the rest of the building, and the spores can then make their way into the air you breathe.

Poor air quality impacts your health through allergens, skin irritations, immune system complications, and many other symptoms. The mold can also ruin the wood structures and cost you thousands of dollars to eliminate this infestation by removing everything affected.

Provide an Efficient Solution

HVAC systems are an all-inclusive system that combines the heating system, air conditioner and cooling system, and ventilation system that reduces humidity. Rather than buying separate pieces and maintaining all of them, you can get a complete system that covers everything and can be maintained with one check.

This efficiency can save you money in the long term and short term while creating the best protection against these issues and providing you with what you need.

Why Does Your HVAC System Need Regular Maintenance?

Given that your HVAC system is, in effect, a four-in-one system with a heating, cooling, ventilation, and dehumidifying qualities and capabilities, it is essential to keep it in good working order.

While it may not seem important while things are working fine, it is important to have regular maintenance done on your HVAC system. When your HVAC system fails or breaks, it can often happen at the most inconvenient times and if it occurs during the night, holidays, or non-working hours, it can seem like an eternity as you wait for someone to repair it.

These repairs can be a quick fix or an extensive task that can cost you a lot of money, but when you have regular maintenance done, you can spot any possible problems before they become a big deal and can keep your system running smoothly.

With no major issues and continual upkeep, you can greatly increase the lifespan of your HVAC system overall.

Why Should You Consider Professional Maintenance on Your HVAC System?

There are easy and efficient maintenance tasks you can perform on your own that need to be completed more often than a full check. For example, you can check your filters yourself and remove any debris like leaves that may be blocking them.

But if you have difficulty doing so, no matter the reason, you can rest assured that our professionals can handle this task for you. Beyond the basic tasks, it is important to look through the rest of the system as well.

You need to have someone who is familiar with commercial HVAC systems and knows how it should and should not be running. This expertise helps to not only spot any already occurring problems but also to find ways to prevent other problems from happening before they start.

We train our professional HVAC technicians in how to care for all commercial HVAC systems. We want to keep your business by maintaining your trust and your system. At Elite HVACs Heating & Air, we always aim to give you the best service and keep your HVAC system running as smoothly as possible.

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Great experience all around. From the email and phone call, confirmations etc. The whole group made me feel comfortable and confident that I had chose the right company to do business with. My A/C unit was turning on and off and Elite sent out a very knowledgeable and courteous technician to check, tune up, and recharge my refrigerant. Steve the technician was knowledgeable and walked me through the entire process and was very upfront with what I needed and didn't need. All went well they were on time and got the job done in a timely and professional manner. Customer for life and will refer them gladly.

Steven Mednis

Chicago, IL

We contacted Elite HVACS on one of the hottest days of summer(we had no central air for 2weeks) and they sent some1 out same day to assess situation & decided to go with them for the work. I am happy to say that not only did we get the central air going but also replaced the heating unit which was old. Everyone we talked to from beginning to end were very professional, courteous and the work was very efficiently done. I would highly recommend this company.

Ada Rivera

Chicago, IL

I have had Juan and others from the team over a few times now. They always arrive within the time window provided and provide solid work. Price has always been fair for anything they've performed maintenance on and was always discussed upfront before being work begins. I would recommend them to anyone in the area.

William Rickus

Chicago, IL

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