Common Issues That Can Cause an AC Leakage

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Common Issues That Can Cause an AC Leakage

In almost every household, at least one air conditioner is required to cool the residents off when the weather gets uncomfortably warm. To ensure that your unit will keep you comfortable during the summer months, however, you have to conduct regular maintenance and keep it performing at its best. One of the most common problems that you will encounter when you own an air conditioner is water leakage. This issue can happen both inside and outside of your house. If you notice water leakage, it is necessary to get it fixed as soon as possible to prevent any significant damages from following. It is recommended to have a technician or a professional come take a look at your unit as there might be problems other than water leakage. Wondering why water leakage occurs? Here are some common reasons behind the problem:


A clogged condensate drain line

In every air conditioner unit, there is an evaporator coil that removes the hot air from your home and brings in cooler air. When the coil meets the hot air, however, it will create water beds and moisture. If the water beads cannot drain through the drain line, water leakage will occur. The drain line can get clogged due to debris and dirt. It’s best to hire an AC technician to clear the drain line of all dirt and debris.


A frozen evaporator coil

Since the evaporator coil is responsible for cooling the air, it can get frozen at times, even in warm weather. Two common reasons why the coil can freeze is a low airflow and a low level of refrigerant. Dirty filters, clogged vents, and leaking ducts can also keep the air from reaching the evaporator coil. If your refrigerant levels are low, however, you should be able to hear a hissing and bubbling sound. Another thing that indicates a leak in your refrigerant is when you feel warm air blowing through vents and your home isn’t as effectively cooled anymore, despite setting a low temperature on the thermostat.


A broken condensate pump

If you have an air conditioner in your basement, you will have a condensate pump. This pump’s job is to move the water upward and move it to the outside of your home. If the condensate pump is not doing its job correctly, the water is not going to be taken outside, creating a puddle of water right inside your house. Once that you know your pump is broken, you will need to have it repaired or get a brand new one as soon as possible.

These three things are the most common causes of water leakage from your air conditioner. We would recommend you to hire a company or an experienced technician to sort out any of these problems for you. This is for your own safety, as you can be sure that the job will be in good hands. Do not abandon the problem because it may lead to many other issues that are more severe than just water leakage. Getting an HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) expert to help will actually save a lot of money in your pocket. After all, having to fix a broken down unit or even purchasing a brand new one will cost a lot more than having those small problems addressed early on.

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