6 Reasons Why You Should Get Your AC Unit Checked Every Spring


6 Reasons Why You Should Get Your AC Unit Checked Every Spring

Spring is the transitional season between the freezing winter and the blazing summer, which makes it the best time to get your AC unit tuned up. It’s imperative that you have your AC unit checked to ensure that it’s in the best condition – because its workload will surely increase in the summer.
If you don’t believe this is something you should do every year, here are six reasons why you should think otherwise:

Prepares Your Unit for the Increased Workload

You may not have turned on your AC as often throughout the winter and the first half of spring, which means that some of its parts may have been broken without your knowledge. Therefore, it’s best that you have it checked before the summer rolls around, as that’s the time when AC repair services will be at their busiest. If you can have your AC checked before then, you can be sure that it’s ready to work during the hottest time of the year.

Reduces the Risk of a Breakdown

After so many months of not being used, some parts of your AC may be on the brink of breaking down. A yearly checkup in the spring will tell you if you need to be worried about your unit. If it’s found to have any problems, you can have them fixed right away, which will help reduce the risk of it breaking down. Having an AC that’s not in any danger of conking out will ensure that you will feel comfortable throughout the summer.

Improves the Energy Efficiency Rating of Your Unit

You will rely on your AC more as the weather gets warmer, so you need to address its energy efficiency. A maintenance session in the spring will make sure that every part of your AC is in good condition to ensure that it’s ready for the summer. This will also help minimize your electric bill significantly.

Increases the Air Quality in Your Home

The summer sun will make the ground drier than any other season, especially when there’s no rain. Therefore, you will have to deal with an increased amount of dust and debris that can get into your home. You will need to check your AC to make sure that its filter can prevent those particles from getting into your home and causing allergies and other respiratory problems.

Extends The Longevity of an AC Unit

Doing maintenance work in the spring is like a warm-up for an AC unit, and it will also help extend its longevity. A professional AC repair service can ensure that every part of the unit is ready to be turned on for eight to ten hours every day, for several months at a time.

The EPA and Energy Star Suggest an Annual Check-Up

Both the EPA and the Energy Star Organization suggest that you have your AC unit checked every year to increase its energy efficiency rating. Additionally, it will help to ensure that your unit is optimized for the season so that it can keep up with the work it’s required to do.

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