3 Tips on How to Prevent Major Damage to Your HVAC Unit

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3 Tips on How to Prevent Major Damage to Your HVAC Unit

Regardless of the season, the HVAC system has and will always be an integral part of a home. It helps to keep the temperature in a room at a comfortable level, despite the weather conditions outside. For this reason, it’s crucial that you always keep your HVAC system in the best condition as possible to avoid having to pay for a significant repair during the most inconvenient of times.


With that said, here are three tips on how to keep your HVAC system in the best condition for as long as possible:


Schedule regular HVAC inspections

One of the most important things you can do to ensure that your HVAC system is always in the best condition is to schedule regular maintenance appointments. This is a preventative measure that you can take so that you can be notified of any potential issues that you may be facing in the future. Additionally, the inspector can inform you on what you can do to improve the performance of the system, which can help to save more money on upkeep.


Carry out simple maintenance work yourself

Another viable option you can take when it comes to maintaining proper function of the HVAC system is to do some basic maintenance work yourself. Some essential maintenance work such as changing the air filters, checking for leaks, and clearing the debris can be done easily without any special tools or much expertise. An hour of maintenance every three or four months can go a long way in terms of the longevity of the unit.


Minimize the unit workload

Like every other type of appliance, an HVAC system has a maximum capacity. When you keep it running at that performance level or higher, significant wear and tear will be put on the unit, which will increase the risk of it breaking down.

Therefore, you should look to give the system a break once every so often to reduce the performance pressure on the unit. For example, instead of keeping the fan settings on high all the time, use tabletop fans to help distribute the temperature throughout the room. If you’re leaving the room for a long time, turn off the HVAC unit so that it can rest and reset. This will help to delegate the workload to other tools, which means that the HVAC system will be handling a less strenuous load.


When the Unit Breaks Down, Only Work with a Professional HVAC Repair Service

Despite all of these extra care you give to your HVAC unit, it is still prone to breaking down, so it’s essential that you’re prepared for any case. If your HVAC unit suddenly stops functioning or there are some strange noises coming from the system, you should turn off the machine and call in an inspector right away. They can help to check for any sign of wear and tear inside the unit and write down notes in order to better understand the problem.

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