Things to Do in Des Plaines

Things to Do in Des Plaines

Going to a museum doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Make your visit exciting and fun by exploring the weirdest museums in Des Plaines. Furthermore, it’s good to explore and learn various things you believed you never needed to learn. See more here.

Mcdonald’s First Store Museum

McDonalds is the leading producer of junk foods. Irrespective of the name, this is a replica of the 9th McDonalds store. The eatery was the 9th store in the history of the firm. This museums display the old culinary uniforms from the 1950s together with time capsules. While the franchise is all over the world, it’s an exciting way to spend some hours learning its rise to global domination. See here for information about Pet-friendly Activities to Do in Northfield.

Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art

More on the bizarrely beautiful side to museums, the Lizzadro Museum has plenty of beautiful minerals and crystals. The goal is to display the most attractive gemstone in a quest to support earth science study. The museum features a permanent selection of organic gemstones that are showcased as different sculptures. This museum has a fabulous gift store for those who want to add their collection.


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