How to Beat The Summer Heat With a Working Air Conditioner

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How to Beat The Summer Heat With a Working Air Conditioner

Avoid the hassle of waiting weeks before the repairman fixes your HVAC system during the hectic summer months by preparing your unit for inspection and repairs months in advance. Here are simple steps you can do to make your HVAC unit ready to beat the summer heat, starting from inside the house. First, check if your thermostat needs to be replaced. If you have been using an antiquated relic instead of a state of the art iComfort S30 programmable thermostat, consider having the latter installed to replace the former. Using modern and efficient thermostat means more savings and less trouble in the future.


Your air conditioner’s ductwork might also have leaks, wears, and other sorts of damage. The leaks are essentially a siphon that sucks your money out of your wallet by wasting energy that goes into air leaks. Unclogging your air vents and registers of any debris and obstacles that prevents efficient cooling of your home would also help save energy costs. Why change your HVAC’s air filter tomorrow when you can change it today? Changing the air filter before the busy summer can be done by calling and setting up an appointment with the professionals.


Additionally, probe your breaker box. It is easy and simple to do. Just open the box’s door and look at the breaker switches if they are flipped in the ‘on’ position. Also, double check if your AC unit is equipped with a breaker switch that is turned on. After taking the necessary preparations inside your home, go outside of your home or office and make sure that everything related to your AC unit is in good working order as well. Clear any obstructions surrounding your condenser and fan, such as weeds, tall grasses, equipment, and furniture. Remove anything leaning against your AC unit which could block air flow and prevent your units from operating at peak performance.


Refrigerant tubes and electrical wires may be chewed off by mice and rats. Exposure to the elements can also wear and tear the insulation of these crucial parts of your cooling system. Instead of trying to fix refrigerant and electrical issues yourself, avoid accidents that may injure yourself or wreak havoc on your equipment by contacting a professional AC repair service.  If there are no problems with the breaker, obstructions, refrigerant lines, and electrical components, you may also test your HVAC system to see if it is working properly. You may do this by setting your thermostat at a lower temperature before switching on the cooling feature. You should feel the warm air coming out of the top of the unit as the system cools the air inside your home. Do this test for 10 to 15 minutes and see if there are leaks of cool air coming from your vents.

Another way to test your HVAC system is to listen for strange and irregular sounds that may come from your AC system. Observe if your condenser and fan is running normally as expected. If there are abnormal or unexpected sounds, turn off your system right away and consult a professional.


We’re always here to help

If your inspections and tests go well, that means you are ready to sit back and relax for the coming summer! But if you have any questions or concerns after doing all these checks, our specialists are always ready to help you. Just give us a call.

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