Art Galleries For Art Lovers Near Skokie, IL

Artistic Flair

If you’re looking for places to visit where you can see beautiful art in Skokie, IL. then you’re in for a treat! Just about 10 minutes in Evanston, there are several great art galleries. Chicago is the home of the famous School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), named the “most influential art school” in the United States, and contributes an artistic flair to the outlying communities. Evanston and Skokie, IL: are no exceptions. Learn more here.

Art Galleries

First off we have Creative Coworking, a local art gallery displaying work by over 50 artists for sale, and also providing a workplace and meeting space for drop-in visitors at an hourly rate. Next, we have the Evanston Art Center, dedicated to fostering the appreciation and expression of the arts among diverse audiences. They offer extensive and innovative instruction in broad areas of artistic endeavor through classes, exhibitions, interactive arts activities, and community outreach. The exhibit galleries feature contemporary artworks by emerging and established artists, and a wide variety of art classes in multiple disciplines are offered for all ages. Lastly, there’s the Ice House Gallery, a multi-faceted art space offering gallery, artist studios, classes, concerts, performance art, and more! Featuring local artists, hoping to spread a variety of art to the North Shore. Learn more about Best Restaurants In Skokie, IL.